Mermaid Art

The Koi Mermaid, painted with acrylic on woven liner paper. Art may be adhered to wall, or most any surface. If applied with clear wallcovering adhesive on a properly prepared surface, it is removable and may be reapplied. this piece is life size.

This is an example of mermaid art applied with clear adhesive,to a wall. Each mermaid that I create is unique to the client who is buying it. The art can be in portrait form (face) if client wishes.


Another example of Mermaid Art applied to a the wall. Of course, I can make the art any size.

Life size mermaid applied to wall.


Exotic Turkish Mermaid. Life size.

Mermaid applied to wall. life size.


5 thoughts on “Mermaid Art

  1. I was wondering how much your wall mural mermaid art costs. I wanted a smaller one but, the “art for sale” link didn’t have any that would go in the room…so was wondering how much for a different one and if you sell them on amazon or just here.

    Thank you,


    • Hi Shawna,
      I will make any size in any color combination. I sell them via this site. They are all personalized to the one buying them.

  2. OMG. The MOST beautiful mermaids I have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Would you cross link with me? I want you on my website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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