Father Christmas with children is a life size portrait.  The child in his arms is the subject of the portrait.  The art is done with acrylic paint on 3/4″ cabinet grade Baltic Birch plywood.  It measures 5 feet in height, standing on a wood base.

I have done pieces of this type in sizes from 12″ to 8′ tall.  A holiday portrait piece such as this can be done from photos of the subject child.  Of course, the art could be of any fantasy.  Mermaids, fairies, pirates, dragons, and  unicorns etc.

Portraiture of three children and their dog with Santa. This piece is 4 feet high.

Russian Grandfather with child. This piece is 5 feet high, hand painted with acrylic on 3/4 ” Baltic Birch plywood. Supported by wooden stand.

Desert Santa is 8” high. Hand painted with color pencil and acrylic on acid free paper, bonded to 1/4 ” birch plywood.

Brother and sister portrait, as Victorian skaters, on wood. Color pencil and acrylic on 1/4 ” birch plywood. This piece is 11″ tall.

 Santa with bag of toys. 6 feet tall.

This Santa on horseback is painted on 1/4” birch plywood. He stands 12” high.

More examples of painted on wood, Christmas art.

Winter Holiday Designs, on wood.

 Angel images. Can be made in any size, and the Winter a Holiday images will be the subjects of the art cards.


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  1. Hi Catherine, I have a few pieces of your work and love them! My mom bought them from you when you lived in Albert Lea. I am interested in buying more. Can you drop me a line?

    Thank you,
    Elena (Davis) Pohl

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