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Autumn Winds/ The Death of Summer

$300.00 /plus $20.00 shipping in U.S.

Mermaid and Selkie.

“I am a man upon the land—I am a Selkie on the sea”—–so goes the legend. The mermaid’s eyes show the love that she feels for the Selkie.

watercolor/ink, on white, acid free, smooth bristol. The background is white.


17” x 11”


12 1/4 x 15 1/2

gilt/pastel/ color pencil/ acrylic/on acid free cotton paper

original $1oo.00

This lovely but pensive mermaid has found a treasure of earthly delights, including a silk slipper,which has become the object of her desire. She has happily donned the frock of a maiden,( lost at sea ) but the beautiful pink slipper can never be hers to wear.

The eyes of this lovely mermaid follow the viewer. Her gaze does not invite the Earthly viewer into her world. She will hold all of the Sea’s mysteries away from the intruders, who come to plunder the treasures that lie within the deep.

8 1/2” x 11”

ink/pastel/color pencil/acrylic, on cold pressed watercolor paper.

original $50.00

‘Cathy, Alone on the Heath’

Original. 16” x 20” ink, pastel, watercolor on cold pressed, acid free watercolor paper.


She wanders the Heath in the light of the full moon. Searching, ever searching, for her joy, her sorrow, her love, her own…… Heathcliff.



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